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As the owner of a popular green smoothie website who posts a new recipe every day on my Facebook page, I get asked by a lot of people if I only drink green smoothies.

Well, let me set the record straight:

I Do Not Just Drink Green Smoothies

While I love my green smoothies and drink two of them every single day, I love to eat too!

Green smoothies provide better, longer lasting health and weight loss results when they are combined with a healthy, whole foods diet. When I am not drinking a smoothie, I eat plant-based, whole foods for my other meals.

Which brings me to another question I am frequently asked: What do I eat when I am NOT drinking a green smoothie?

Well, the way I eat can be summed up this way…

Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole Foods Diet

I’m really into eating whole foods, preferring foods as close as possible to their natural state.

That means unprocessed or minimally processed foods that are not made in factories.

They do not contain labels that list questionable, unpronounceable ingredients.

I strive to avoid pre-made foods that come in packages, cans, jars, or frozen meals that may contain additives, preservatives, and that have had most of their nutrition processed right out of it.

You may have heard the terms “real food” or “clean eating”, too. These terms essentially describe the same thing. It’s the way of eating that I aspire to, and encourage others to follow.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes, quinoa, brown rice, lean proteins – these are the stars of the plant-based, whole foods lifestyle.

Pasta, pizza, donuts, canned whatever – these are all the foods that brought you to my website in the first place, so it’s best to replace these unhealthy, processed foods with cleaner, more natural alternatives.

Vegan Or Omnivore | Low Fat Or Low Carb

When I say “plant-based diet”, I am not necessarily describing a vegan diet. I believe that it is important to base your diet around plants. I believe that it is healthier to eat less meat and focus more on plant-sources of protein, but it is not critical to become vegan.

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