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This grilled flank steak place sandwich gets an excellent Greek-style flavor from tangy garlic-mint yogurt sauce. Packed with flavor and filling components, this steak sandwich has just 333 calories.

Tuna Salad

This deli and diner staple is delicious and convenient, but it's not at all times the best meal option. Proof: One popular sandwich-shop variation features more than a third of the day-to-day fat quota — 24 grms, 4 of which are saturated — in only 1/3 cup. A serving of our healthier, low-calorie tuna salad is practically double the size, with a fat tally which is 18 grams slimmer, thanks to a mix of low-fat mayo and nonfat yogurt. Plus, vegetables add taste, crunch, dietary fiber, and vitamins.

Mediterranean Tuna Antipasto Salad

Capers, purple onion, and fresh natural herbs give canned tuna and beans a light, fresh style. Right here, for only over 300 calories, we offer the tuna salad on a bed of greens. It works well stuffed into a pita for a sandwich. Provide some additional kick with a pinch of broken red pepper or cayenne. Serve with olive loaves of bread.

Portobello Pesto Burgers

These hearty portobello burgers, topped with pesto and a carrot-fennel slaw, are gratifying, and easy to get ready in the toaster range — and best of all of the, they're only 345 calories!

Caesar Salad

We've provided high-calorie Caesar a healthier makeover. We coated the croutons with cooking spray rather than olive-oil, then replaced egg yolk with light mayonnaise maintain the classic dressing's creamy texture — without classic shame. Toss in a few cooked chicken for additional necessary protein.

Toasted Pita and Bean Salad

Beans add necessary protein to the tasty riff in the classic center Eastern salad fattoush, created using lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, mint, and pita bread. With 440 calories per serving, this salad has a few more cals as compared to remaining portion of the meals on our listing, but it is nevertheless a great low-calorie meal choice.

Filled Pork Sandwiches

The classic Cuban sandwich prompted this recipe. The initial is made with ham, roasted chicken, Swiss cheese, and pickles pressed and griddled between two pieces of smooth white loaves of bread. Our low-calorie variation significantly reduces the beef and is offered on a soft whole-wheat bun. Feel free to hit it in a panini manufacturer making it crispy. Serve with vinegary coleslaw.

Valentine's Red Chili

Beets and fire-roasted tomatoes color this three-bean vegetarian chili. The colour may suggest romantic days celebration, but it is perfect for a reheated lunch: Each dish has just 345 calories but could keep you complete all day having its 15 grms each of protein and fibre.

Oven-Fried Chicken Tenders with Five-Spice BBQ Sauce

Miss the fast-food chicken nuggets. Tender and oven-fried, these low-calorie chicken tenders are jazzed up with sesame seeds and Chinese five-spice dust, a vital blend of seasonings that showcases the five standard flavors of Chinese food — sweet, bad, bitter, savory, and salty.

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