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A couple of months ago, she began making good fresh fruit smoothies for morning meal. States Deen: “They’re so tasty and tasty.”

Interested in learning the woman healthier smoothie dish? Take to one yourself:

Paula Deen’s Peachy Ginger Smoothie

(Serves 2)

• 1 glass cold water
• 1 cup frozen peach cuts
• ½ cup frozen strawberries
• ½-inch piece fresh ginger
• liquid of just one lime
• Artificial sweetener to taste
Include all ingredients to a blender and mix one-minute. Add a little water if you need to loosen it up.

Editor’s Note:
In reaction to reader comments and issues about Deen – a diabetic – endorsing fresh fruit smoothies, PEOPLE spoke to Andrea Allouche, a dietician that is connected to the Diabetes analysis Institute.

Allouche tells PEOPLE, “Generally we do not suggest smoothies for those who have diabetes or perhaps in general because when you mix fruit it digests faster than consuming it whole. Fruit already is soaked up quickly and that can trigger an instant level in blood sugar.”

But she notes that certain dish is actually for two people, “So it actually happens to lower than one serving of carb per portion, ” she states, “which is 15 grms of complete carbohydrate” – far lower than most smoothie recipe. Because of this, she describes: “[It] should not have an enormous impact on your blood sugar levels. It’s fine to possess one serving of this because fresh fruits are healthier.”

But, she does include: “To make this dish much more balanced, I would recommend blending it with low-fat ordinary Greek yogurt and flax seed. The protein and fat will reduce the absorption of carb to your bloodstream.”

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