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Low Carb Kids 3 | ditchthecarbs.comGet ready for Back To School. Here are 2 weeks of my children’s school lunch boxes from last term. I have a 7, 10 and 13 year old so cater somewhat differently to each child’s appetite and taste. Sometimes they help me choose what goes in each day, sometimes not.

For all the recipes, take a look at my recipe finder and click on Lunchboxes. Having low carb kids is possible. It seems incredibly daunting at the beginning when we have been so used to throwing something in a sandwich, a muesli bar and a fruit yogurt. When those are off the menu, it feels like an impossible task each day, but like everything, you slowly get into a routine, and you also find your favourites which you rely on frequently.

For my 7 year old, he absolutely loves tuna mayonnaise. He even eats it for breakfast. He loves cheese, peppers, carrots, sausages …… My teenager luckily adores salads. She has always removed the filling from her sandwiches and left the bread in her lunchbox for me to throw away, so actually, she was quite easy to convert. She loves avocados, cheese, olives, sausages, roast meat, seaweed snacks, and nuts.

All of my recipes and ideas are LCHF, low carb, wheat free, bread free, gluten free, sugar free, grain free… yet they are absolutely packed with nutrition. How? Because we have got rid of the starchy fillers such as bread, pasta, rice, wraps, and all the sugary foods like muesli bars, fruit yogurt, dried fruit, and juice. Yes my children have these occasionally, but rarely. They know they are treats and not to be relied on every day.

This is now my 3rd post on Low Carb Kids. So go back and read Low Carb Kids 1 and There are also some tips on getting started. By changing your eating habits and teaching them about nutrition has just so many knock on effects. They are more open to trying new foods, they have a food knowledge that many adults would be proud of, and you are setting them up for a healthy life.

If you would like to learn how to become a low carb family who ditches the soda and the junk food, you may wish to look at my latest eBook “Low Carb Easy Family Meals – 35 easy recipes.”

If they are brought up with healthy food values, we hope it will continue throughout their life and may influence others. The entire concept of a healthy family is one we should all strive for. But remember, any step is a great one. Don’t be put off that it is too hard, be proud of any achievement and you are trying your best.

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