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Healthy Carb Alternatives

Other nutrition experts gave united states tips for cutting bleached flour, spaghetti, and potatoes and replacing these with lower-carb alternatives that taste almost identical. We then had some loyal carbo-cravers taste-test these dishes.

Ends up many of them are so good, you’ll wonder the reason why you weren’t eating all of them in the first place.

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Hash Browns

Replace: Squash for potatoes

Summer squash (the football-shaped yellowish sort) tastes comparable to potatoes when cooked—but has just a portion of the carbohydrates. Grate the squash, blend in an egg as binder, make patties, and fry them in coconut oil, claims Mary Dan Eades, M.D., coauthor associated with the Low-Carb Comfort Food Cookbook.

Carbs Eliminated: About 15 grams (g) per hash-brown patty

The Taste: “Not as company and crispy as regular hash browns, however the potato flavor can there be.”

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Mash Potatoes

Substitute: Cauliflower for potatoes

Certainly one of Dr. Agatston’s favorites: Steam some fresh or frozen cauliflower inside microwave oven.

After that spray the cauliflower with butter alternative, add some nonfat half-and-half substitute, and puree in a meals processor or blender.

“Salt and pepper to taste and you’ve got a thing that very actually can contend with the genuine article any time, ” claims Dr. Agatston. To make it better still, take to including roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese, or bad lotion to your blend.

Carbs Eliminated: 30 g per cup

The Taste: “After a couple of bites, you forget it is perhaps not potatoes.”

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Replace: Zucchini pieces for noodles

Slice four to five medium-size zukes lengthwise into three-quarter-inch-thick pieces, instructs Lise Battaglia, an innovative new Jersey chef whose previous clients feature Jon Bon Jovi. Sprinkle Italian seasoning on pieces, place them in a single layer-on a nonstick cookie sheet, and bake at 425 levels F for 20 moments. You would like them company, maybe not sharp. “Then just result in the lasagna as you typically would, replacing lasagna noodles utilizing the cooked zucchini, ” she claims.

Carbs Eliminated: 36 g per portion

The Taste: “Delicious. The zucchini provides surface you don’t get from noodles alone.”

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