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Tequila calories count

calories-in-tequilaWhile alcohol consumption can blunt your ability to get rid of fat (See: Does Alcohol Prevent Weightloss?), we understand for a few it could be certainly one of life’s guilty pleasures.

Offered Cinco De Mayo is appropriate just about to happen, we wished to educate you on more info on tequila, where it comes down from, along side fundamental calorie information for the best beverages that have tequila.

What's Tequila?

In a spot that’s today the Jalisco state of Mexico, the conquistadors came from Spain to obtain the Aztecs drinking a fermented drink labeled as octli brewed from agave. As soon as the Spaniards ran out of their European brandy, they distilled the blue agave plant to produce certainly one of North America’s first local spirits: Tequila.

While manufacturers shipped Tequila into the US as soon as the 1850s, it didn’t come to be a favorite nature until the 1960s, once the Margarita made its appearance as a beverage basic and mixed beverages with Tequila exploded onto the scene.

5 Several Types Of Tequila

Today, Tequila saturates the liquor marketplace, and though all Tequila is distilled from agave, there's two basic categories: mixtos and 100% agave. The mixtos makes use of no less than 51% agave, but various other sugars make up the rest. The difference in taste originates from the beds base ingredient, helping to make 100percent agave more complex.

In addition to this fundamental distinction, Tequila is bottled in another of five groups:

  1. Blanco “White” or “Silver” – this kind is un-aged, indicating it is bottled or stored immediately after distilling, and usually kept in metal so no flavor soaks into the alcohol from barrel
  2. Reposado – called “rested” tequila, it is aged about 8 weeks, but not any longer than twelve months, and always in oak barrels, because assumes on the flavor of this timber and mellows the liquor
  3. Joven – a combination of un-aged and old Tequila, this sort is called both “young” and “gold”
  4. Añejo – elderly at least one 12 months, but lower than three, furthermore constantly kept in oak drums
  5. Extra Añejo – Meaning “extra aged, ” this might be elderly at the least 36 months in oak drums

The more aged Tequilas are often smoother and much more complex, while the Blanco gets the harsher flavor regarding the agave at the front of palate.

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