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Footlong sandwich purveyor Subway, which has long provided itself as a wholesome replacement for other foods, is taking another action to bolster that image. The sequence revealed Tuesday it intends to voluntarily add fat counts to menus after all United States locations, starting Monday, April 11.

"For years it's been a priority for Subway sandwich stores to fairly share complete diet information with your visitors so that they can make much more well-informed dinner choices, " Subway dietitian Dietitian Lanette Kovachi stated in a prepared statement. "we would like consumers understand the fat worth of our snacks and salads but we also want all of them to learn that numerous of our selection items contain high quality calories and full of beneficial nutritional elements from whole grains, liver organ, as well as the number of veggies we provide."

Subway is touting the fact that its updated menus are arriving inspite of the Food & Drug Administration's recently delayed calorie count mandate. In November 2014, the Food And Drug Administration launched it might need restaurants, coffee stores, convenience stores, and more to post health informative data on their menus. But last July, the government company made a decision to rebel the regulation until December 1, 2016. The decision had been a result of pressure from numerous entities in the us's food industry.

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