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You’ve already been cautioned: The new-to-DC sub shop’s low-fat, low-carb options can be very deceiving.

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Although Jimmy John’s has been offering its premium snacks since 1983, it only made its solution to our area many years ago, aided by the first DC area opening this past year. With fresh-baked loaves of bread, sliced-in-house meats, and useful delivery solution, it is often well received.

Nevertheless, there are several items to be weary of as of this sub joint, claims Alison Sonak, a subscribed dietitian based in Sterling, Virginia.

“we don’t believe it’s a good destination to aim for meal. it is got some high-fat and high-sodium choices, but that’s typical for a sub store, ” she claims. “And the serving sizes are extremely big, but that is everywhere inside our country.”

Check out her analysis to simply help navigate the selection into the healthiest method possible.


• Worst–J.J.B.L.T: With six slices of bacon and a hearty slathering of mayo, this sub provides 634 calories, 35 grams of fat, and 1, 329 milligrams of sodium. “Because regarding the bacon, the concentrated fat is large besides, ” Sonak says. “Although the completely Tuna [sandwich] has actually more calories, about it has the main benefit of seafood.”

• Better–Vegetarian: Our specialist says, “A large amount of unwanted fat arises from the avocado spread, so that it’s heart-healthy fat. It has a lot of veggies, and therefore causes it to be a great choice.” With 578 calories, and a somewhat tame 873 milligrams of salt, the sandwich is fine to consume within one sitting. Drop the cheese and mayo, or swap it for mustard, to offer this sandwich a lift.

• Best–Turkey Tom: It’s a straightforward sandwich–turkey breast, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and mayo–but that is element of why is it the ideal choice. Although full of sodium, this has the fewest calories and lowest fat of the eight-inch subs. Compared with the vegetarian sandwich, “It has actually even more necessary protein, also doesn’t have mozzarella cheese, like the veggie sub does, ” Sonak explains. Succeed even better by avoiding the mayo.


• Worst–Italian night-club: With three meats (two of these processed), mozzarella cheese, and a minimal number of veggies, this calorie bomb of a sandwich will not would you any favors. “It’s virtually 1, 000 calories, 50 grams of fat, and an entire day’s worth of sodium, ” Sonak claims. Also eating just half won’t redeem it, she says: “It will help from a caloric point of view, but not a nutritional one.”

• Best–Bootlegger Club: Another easy option promises the top spot. This roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo sandwich may be the minimum harmful option inside hearty area of the menu, utilizing the cheapest calories and fat and much more lean meats and vegetables than other sandwiches. You should remain careful of the 684 calories, and 1, 660 milligrams of sodium.


• Worst–Slim 5: salami, capicola, and mozzarella cheese: This “slim” sandwich features 599 calories, 19 grms of fat (8 saturated), and a whopping 1, 450 milligrams of sodium. it is all prepared meat and cheese, and zero vegetables.

• Best–Slim 2: roast beef: Our specialist says, “I selected this 1 because individuals get therefore tired of eating turkey, but calorie-wise [turkey and roast beef] are comparable; roast beef is higher in fat, but perhaps by 1 or 2 things.” Awarded, this option is simply animal meat and loaves of bread (amounting to 424 calories and 996 milligrams of sodium), nonetheless it does supply you with the opportunity to outfit it up in a healthy method.

Whilst the premium sandwich shop isn't any health utopia, you could anticipate the low-fat/low-carb choices to be a bright spot–but you’d be significantly mistaken, according to Sonak.

“Their low-fat choices could be deceiving. In the event that you order the Turkey Tom the direction they succeed, it's nonetheless 21 grams of fat, which can be maybe not reduced, ” she describes. And while the low-cal options are “true to title, ” she points out that the JJ Gargantuan Unwich packs over a day’s worth of sodium (2, 468 milligrams) and almost a full day’s well worth of fat (54 grams).

“People believe they’re making healthier alternatives using the low-fat and low-carb choices, but that is not always the way it is, ” she says. “This is just one of the main reasons why i usually advise my customers to consider the selection and also make informed choices.”

Her various other bits of advice include always skipping mayo, and making use of phone applications giving you one-stop accessibility the menus and nutritional information from preferred eateries. Be mindful with processed meats, which are high in salt and sometimes carry possibly . She in addition advises eating half of your snacks. “If you’re however hungry, product with other things. You will need to get hold of some fresh fruit or vegetables, ” she claims.

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