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Heart Attack Grill calorie count

05_28_hamburger_03Steve Trumbull reacts before taking a second bite of their triple bypass mozzarella cheese hamburger in mind combat Grill in Chandler, Arizona Summer 17, 2009. Joshua Lott/Reuters

One's heart Attack Grill currently set a Guinness World Record the most calorific hamburger in 2013 featuring its Quadruple Bypass Burger, now it’s breaking its own record.

The Quadruple avoid is experienced with three tablespoons of lard, eight slices of cheese, 20 slices of caramelized onion (baked in lard, in the event you thought it was healthier, ) eight tomato slices, one tablespoon of mayo, two tablespoons of ketchup plus one tablespoon of mustard.

If all that burger is not adequate, the restaurant functions a part of fries (that are prepared in pure lard) and a milkshake. Include that to your meal therefore the fat count jumps by 2, 428, to a total 12, 410.05_28_hamburger_02 if for many bad reason, that is not enough meals for your needs, you can include even more bacon into burger.Patrons dine in mind Attack Grill in Chandler. The sequence has had two customers have actually real cardiac arrest while dinning, a well known fact owner Jon Basso shows proudly inside the restaurants.Joshua Lott/Reuters

The Heart combat Grill prides itself on its unhealthy but delicious food. To-drive the idea house, the restaurant sells packs of cigarettes for $7 and will offer whoever weighs in at over 350 pounds a free hamburger.

Two spokesmen the restaurant have died, both in part with their fat. In 2011, 29-year-old Blair River died from pneumonia that was complicated by his obesity. River weighed 570 weight. In 2013, John Alleman, which consumed in the restaurant every single day, passed away of a heart assault while leaving the premises. Their ashes tend to be held over the club.

Additionally, two patrons suffered heart attacks in the coronary attack Grill, both in 2012.

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