With calorie counting

Eating right for calories counting

Age score: 4+

Compatibility: suitable for iPhone, ipod itouch and iPad.
Needs iOS 5.0 or later on. This application is optimized for iPhone 5.

Assessed by: Sarah Krieger, MPH, RDN, LDN

Synopsis regarding the App

This software features a vintage food diary that monitors calories, liquid, fitness plus the time each food is consumed. Moreover it tracks multiple vitamins, including total fats, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol levels, saturated fat and fiber. The application offers an option to generate your own diet and physical working out plan and a built-in Body Tracker for registering the modifications of the body variables and monitoring the progress with the help of colorful graphs.


  • Beyond counting calories, this software also offers the option to track cups of water.
  • Might be integrated with Twitter and Twitter.
  • The summary web page is visually pleasing and easy to comprehend and navigate.
  • The database is adequate and includes above 400, 000 brands, varieties and restaurants.
  • Enables you to set a targets for losing weight, fat gain or keeping fit and create yours diet and exercise program.
  • Wood your physical activity and keep an eye on calories burned.


  • The bar signal scanner is meant to aid quickly include meals into database, but was not user-friendly.
  • Although the diary area allows you to log your weight and encourages users to log body dimensions, from breasts, waist and sides to legs, arms, calves and neck, it doesn't provide instructions on healthy dimensions or ratios.
  • The game database is certainly not comprehensive. For example, it generally does not recognize inline skating as an activity and requires an individual to identify the total amount of calories burned.
  • Although monitoring your liquid consumption may be useful, the provided guidelines are not science-based. A general recommendation of 10 glasses each and every day is supplied, that is too general and not appropriate for everyone else. Drinking 8 cups a-day has received countless buzz, it is not based on something scientific, and fluid requirements vary daily and individual to individual considering existing fat, activity amount, wellness standing along with other facets.

Main point here

My consumers have used this software and I want it if they do. The artistic regarding the diet layout is attractive and easy to use. I would recommend this software if you are aiming to see his / her food and exercise intake while attempting to lose weight, maintaining body weight after weight-loss or managing diabetic issues beneath the assistance of a registered dietitian or physician.

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