Low-Carb Diet vs

Calories counting diet

Kes Before: 11st 9lb

Diet Plan Record

Just previously calorie counting - generally on my own at home. My mum had been always on a single diet or any other, therefore from an earlier age we knew about calories and diet.

I have been between 10 rock and 11½ rock since I had been 17. Whenever I got over 11 rock I would do something about it... but this is actually the first time We have made it under 10 rock, and have now faced that i shall need certainly to be wary of what I eat on the long term.

On Being Overweight…

My confidence is inversely proportional to my body weight: the greater my weight; the reduced my confidence. Through the periods I happened to be over-eating i'd discover excuses such as Christmas, new-year, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday - to simply consume and overlook the machines going higher plus the clothes getting tighter. The heavier i obtained the greater my self-confidence would go down and I also would begin being unwilling to go aside. I will be much more exhausted and need even more sleep at my weightier body weight.

Finding the Motivation

For the last three years, each summertime (once the bikinis come-out!) I have been 74kg, gone on an eating plan, and destroyed the weight; each cold weather We have put it on - however this year!

Finding Weight Loss Resources

I saw an advertisement in Slimmer Magazine, signed on and fell in love right away.

How Weightloss Sources Helps

You can find a lot of techniques your website assists myself:

  • Food consumption journal - I'm not good at writing in a notebook, specially searching for and determining the calories. The site does all the calorie-counting in my situation. Additionally, it is very versatile when overseas, as I can break a recipe down and place inside specific components for a fairly precise calorie count.
  • Workout = calories! I do not enjoy exercise but when it offers myself more calories it for some reason seems worthwhile... given that i am back to exercising, it doesn't seem so very bad!
  • Boards and Chat - Full help 24/7. Regarding bad days and months often there is information from individuals who truly know what it is similar to. We had some very nice laughs inside chat area also!
  • The results graph - That range is very inspirational!

Kes' Tips for Losing Weight

  • You'll consume everything if you count it in your diet. I put EVERYTHING into my Food Diary - good and bad! The typical generally computes at the end of the week.
  • Make use of the people expertise. Everyone knows it's not an easy task to lose some weight and will be there with support, help and compliments.

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