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Calories count brown rice

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You men. You won’t even believe just how great this is.

I would ike to test my post-Algebra II logic right here:

Many people really like rice, and also this is rice. Everybody loves low calorie tastiness, and also this is low-calorie tastiness. Consequently, by the transitive residential property of equivalence, everybody loves (this) low-calorie rice. And every person includes you! Therefore you love this!

Aaw, shucks. I like you too.

We humans are rice-loving folk. We’ve been chowing upon it since we knew getting it through the field to your hungry mouths, and, by my precise computations, that’s a heck of quite a few years.

Healthy how exactly to: Make Low Calorie Brown Ricesadly, we skinny jeans-wearing people whom love large portions but often put on weight instead effortlessly were out-of fortune inside rice division since, really, a heck of a long time ago.

Nevertheless now that all changes. Today.

With the use of my stated Algebra II abilities, I happened to be able to perform some dorky yet extremely useful computations that why don't we refill our rice bowls AND keep our skinny jeans. Yup. I did son’t believe it either.

Thus I made an elegant chart to spell out everything! No body can argue with chart reasoning!

And there you have it people. You lessen the calories your brown rice in rice by half by cooking it in two times water for extra time. Stress perhaps not, it still keeps a FANTASTIC texture and a wonderful veggie broth infused nutty taste.

Your daily life modifications the better. Beginning at this time.

We’re making brown rice, so you’re want to some brown rice. Here’s my cup brown basmati.

healthier How to: Make Low Calorie Brown Rice

Your getting to allow your rice pals get situated in a huge spacious cooking pot until they’re all toasty. Toasting the rice before hand offers it such a wonderful taste and assists it remain true more straightforward to the excess liquid.

Now it’s celebration time. You should use your broth of choice (veggie, mushroom, beef, etc.), or common water in the event that you intend on making use of the rice for sweet dishes rather than savory, but realize that the rice is going to be much less flavorful. I’m a sucker for vegetable bouillon; cheap, flavorful, and laden up with sodium. Yum. Sodium.

Allow it bubble and boil (but we've a strict no toil and trouble policy), address, and allow simmer for 45 moments. No peaking! Fluff with a fork and observe your handiwork.

50 minCook Time:

Total Time:


  • 1 glass raw brown rice
  • 4 cups veggie broth, warm


  1. Add the natural brown rice to a sizable greased pot. Toast the rice over medium high heat, stirring usually, until fantastic, about 5 minutes. As soon as toasted, add the cozy vegetable broth and provide a boil Boil for about one minute and reduce temperature to medium reduced. Protect and cook for 45 minutes, using treatment not to ever raise the lid to confirm the rice before you start. Fluff with a fork and (ta-da!) behold your breathtaking rice. Devour.


You might replace every other broth the veggie broth, or, for a less flavorful option, liquid.

Dietary information calculated with Trader Joe's long whole grain basmati rice and liquid.

Brown Rice Chart 1 healthier how-to: Make low-calorie Brown Rice healthier just how to: Make Low Calorie Brown Rice healthier just how to: Make Low Calorie Brown Rice

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