Calories in Eggs Benedict

Calorie count eggs

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerThe calorie count for an egg depends primarily on its size, which may vary quite a bit. A fried egg has more energy than a raw egg because of the cooking oil. Fried eggs supply a lot of cholesterol, although this is concentrated inside yolk.

a deep-fried egg typically needs handful of veggie oil to keep it from sticking with the pan. Heat the cooking pan on a burner at moderate heat and crack the egg open. Position the articles of this egg into the cooking pan without breaking the yolk. Cook the egg through to the yolk reaches the persistence you want.

This nutritional information is predicated on a medium egg. Eggs tend to be graded by dimensions, additionally the items of a medium egg weigh about 1½ ounces. The nutritional information includes a minimal amount of oil but hardly any other ingredients.

a moderate fried egg contains 210 mg of cholesterol levels. The day-to-day value (DV) for cholesterol levels is about 300 mg, therefore 1 fried egg provides about 70 per cent for the DV for cholesterol.

a deep-fried egg includes an overall total of 92 calories. This gives 4.5 per cent of DV for total calories centered on a standard diet of 2, 000 calories per day.

a deep-fried egg contains about 7 grms of fat, such as the fat into the yolk and oil needed to fry the egg. Each gram of fat features 9 calories, therefore a fried egg contains 63 calorie consumption. Fats take into account 2 grams and unsaturated fats take into account the residual 5 grams. A fried egg provides 11 per cent associated with the DV for complete fat and 10 % regarding the DV for saturated fat.

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