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MEALS SUMMARY Health Target Map

DIETARY TARGET MAP™ The Dietary Target Map™ enables you to see instantly how meals line-up along with your nutritional and weight-management objectives. The closer a food would be to suitable side of the chart, the more essential nutrients per fat it has. For an even more nourishing diet, select foods that fall regarding the correct 50 % of the map.

The closer a food is to the most effective side of the chart, the much more likely its to fill you up with less calories. If you wish to restrict your caloric intake without feeling hungry, select meals from the top 50 % of the chart.

Foods which are close to the bottom side are more calorie-dense. If you would like increase your calories without getting also complete, choose foods from bottom 50 % of the chart.
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Nutritional Target Map for Pie, apple, prepared from dish

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Fat reduction:
Maximum wellness:
Body weight gain:

The great: This food is very low in Cholesterol.

Caloric Ratio Pyramid

CALORIC RATIO PYRAMID™ This visual shows you just what portion associated with the calories in a food result from carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and alcoholic beverages. If you're trying to attain a specific circulation of calories, such as the 40/30/30 distribution associated with Zone™ diet, or even the more conventional 60/30/10 circulation, the Caloric Ratio Pyramid™ will show you how recipes, meal programs, or specific foods fall into line with those objectives.

Ingredients low in fat, including, will cluster over the bottom edge of the pyramid, including foods which are high in carbohydrates (at left edge) to foods which can be full of protein (at the correct advantage). Foods low in carbohydrates will cluster along the right side of the pyramid, with foods that are high in fat at upper edge and foods being full of protein within lower edge. Meals having approximately similar wide range of calories from fats, calories, and necessary protein should be discovered nearer to the biggest market of the pyramid.
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Caloric Ratio Pyramid for Pie, apple, prepared from recipe

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54percent 42% 4percent
Carbohydrates Fats Protein

ESTIMATED GLYCEMIC LOAD™ Glycemic load is a means of articulating a food or meal's influence on blood-sugar amounts. Diet Data’s patent-pending determined Glycemic burden™ (eGL) can be acquired for every single food into the database as well as for custom meals, dishes, and recipes within kitchen.

Tips translate the values: Experts differ on their suggestions for what your total glycemic load ought to be every day. A typical target for total Estimated Glycemic burden is 100 or less each day. For those who have diabetes or metabolic problem, you should aim slightly reduced. If you're not over weight and therefore are physically energetic, only a little higher is acceptable.
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Nutrient Balance Indicator for Pie, apple, ready from dish

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NUTRIENT BALANCE INDICATOR™ This sign offers an aesthetic representation of a food's nutritional strengths and weaknesses, with every spoke representing yet another nutrient. The spoke for dietary fiber is coloured green, necessary protein is blue, vitamins are purple, nutrients are white, and yellowish signifies a team of generally overconsumed vitamins: saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

A Completeness Score between 0 and 100 is a family member sign of just how complete the foodstuff has been value to those nutritional elements. Although couple of (if any) specific meals offer all the important nourishment, the Nutrient Balance Indicator and Completeness Score will allow you to build dishes that are nutritionally balanced and complete.
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Protein Quality for Pie, apple, prepared from recipe

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PROTEIN HIGH QUALITY Protein quality is dependent on having all of the essential proteins within the appropriate proportions. If one or higher amino acid isn't present in sufficient amounts, the necessary protein in what you eat is recognized as incomplete.

Each talked on the Protein Quality graph represents the nine essential amino acids, additionally the graph shows just how close the necessary protein in your daily diet would be to the optimal distribution of amino acids suggested by the Institute of drug's Food and diet Board.

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